Fast Medical Weight Loss Program

This program is for patients that need or want to lose weight more quickly than the Stellar Labs Weight Loss Method but still safely without sacrificing health.


Over 80 Meal Replacement Options

Each medical meal replacement has about 110 calories. There are over 80 different options and 5 a day are required on this program in addition to a meat and vegetable meal to ensure 100% of micro and macro nutrients are met.  Weight loss is fast because patients are eating less calories than on traditional weight management programs, and the ratios of nutrients in the plan suppress  the appetite. Females over 200 pounds lose about 13-15 pounds a month and males over 200 pounds lose about 20 for the first few months.

Once patients are 5-10 pounds from their goal weight, we teach patients how to transition back to whole foods and maintain their new weight loss for life using the Stellar Labs Weight Loss Method or patients can continue with the Medical Meal replacements, however more food is added.

Fast Weight Loss Program

Research has shown that losing weight quickly can encourage further weight loss and healthier eating habits.

Clinically Proven Weight Loss Method

Clinically proven by Johns Hopkins University, this medical weight loss program has helped our patients lose more weight than other weight loss methods they have tried in the past, and has helped many become free of their blood pressure and adult onset diabetes medications. There is no counting calories, carbohydrates or points and we take the worry out of portion control and temptation through a combination of low calorie, low fat nutritionally balanced meal replacement products delivered to the home and one lean protein and vegetable meal prepared at home or in a restaurant. A vegetarian program is also available.



The food cost during the initial weight loss phase is about $350-$400 a month. The nutrition coaching fee is waved.  Weekly office or virtual telehealth nutrition counseling visits  most likely covered through insurance is still encouraged.